Unique Pieces

These lamps below are unique pieces.

They have been refitted and include a new handmade lampshade.

Soholm mid-century lamp

Large grey ceramic lampbase, decorated with a turquoise flower and blue accent. Height 42cm, width 25cm.

It has a silk warm turquoise lampshade, inside is gold, width 30cm, height 30cm.

Price € 199,95 incl. btw.

excl. shipping costs.

Small Bitossi table lamp

Nice blue ceramic glazed lampbase, in the middle it is beige with a dark brown drawn motive. Height 13 cm, width 11 cm.

Plus a handmade silk lampshade, color cream, width 20 cm, height 14 cm.

Price € 69,95 incl. btw.

excl. shipping costs.

Scandinavian table lamp

Glazed ceramic lampase in a light blue gray neck and squared base, with brown knots, width 14 cm, height 27 cm.

Handmade silk lampshade, color natural, width 25 cm, height 16 cm.

Price € 149,95 incl. btw.

excl. shipping costs.

Danish table lamp Marianne Starck

Glazed ceramic openwork lampbase. Color blue, width 12 cm, height 29 cm.

Handmade silk lampshade, color brown, width 25 cm, height 16 cm.

Price € 179,95 incl. btw,

excl. shipping costs.

Dutch retro table lamp


Glazed ceramic orange lamp base, width 10,5 cm, height 27 cm.

Handmade silk lampshade, color khaki, width 25 cm, height 15 cm.