Cecile started her company 'Atelier Cecile Spaapen' in 2017 after moving with her family back to the Netherlands. Before she lived near Antwerp in Belgium, where she had many assignments in making lampshades. This was a perfect way to combine her work as a mother and her love for textiles.

Due to her education in Gent, Belgium and her international working experience in the textile and apparel industrie, it was a logical choice to finally start her own company.

The Atelier Cecile Spaapen is a small company based near the sea in the town of Vlissingen in the southwest of Holland. After producing handsewn shades for a certain period, Cecile has chosen to focus more on a complete and responsible product. At the moment the atelier is focusing on building a small sophisticated collection of lamps which are made to have as less impact as possible on the environment. Therefore Cecile refits old designer lamps and completes these with hand sewn or paper lampshades in order to get the best result. All shades are handmade and sewn. 

If you buy a lamp, you buy an unique exclusive product, made with love and which you will enjoy every day.

The atelier can easily provide a bespoke service to private customers and companies.

It will be a pleasure for Cecile to inform you.