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Working from her indoors studio in Vlissingen, Cecile loves to explore natural handmade paint into mostly geometrical painted artworks on paper.

The best quality materials and ingredients are used to make her artworks long lasting. She aims to work as responsible as possible and doesn't use any chemicals or solvents, a healthy environment is very important to her. 

Through all her lifetime experiences, a fashion-textile background, a restoration-painter's training and many craft courses, she learned her skills. 

Cecile's style is formed in the past and through her strong visual personality. Nowadays her inspiration comes from the coastal surroundings where she lives, combined with her interest in nature, architecture and modernism.

The process of making an artwork consists of several steps.

Cecile creates the design by drawing many sketches and she works these out by hand into a perfect composition.

The making of the paint is based on old recipes, using natural ingredients and pigments, a time consuming process. Founded on her experience this results in unique rich colours.

The painting itself requires special techniques to get very fine results.

Also the finishing touch of framing, like the cutting of the passe-partouts is done by her to complete the artwork.

All the elements mentioned above come together in Cecile's artworks, that's what makes her work so refined and unique.

There is so much more to tell and explain, please do contact Cecile and she will be very happy to inform you.

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